Guidelines On Investing In An F&B Franchise Singapore

Buying a food and beverage franchise is one of the best ways to run your own business. The reason for this is that you will buy a business that has been proven over the years in different economic climates. However, running a franchising business involves some challenges. It is important to know what to do in order to be successful. Before they buy an F&B franchise, Singapore inhabitants should consider a number of things.

Franchising is mainly based on uniformity and conformity. Although you will be the boss of your F&B outlet, you must abide by rules established by the franchisor. You must be ready to follow orders as you run your business so that you will accomplish the objectives of the franchisor.


When choosing the franchising business to invest in, it is essential to consider its rate of success. Some franchising chains have a high failure rate, while others have almost no failures. You should therefore avoid being persuaded by common wisdom or vague statistics. Make sure that you conduct careful research on the franchising business you want to buy in order to know how many franchisees are still in business and the full terms of the franchise agreements.

Before you become a franchisee, it is also a good idea to check if there are complains against the franchising business. You can find this kind of information on forums or message boards where franchisees share advice and air their grievances against particular franchisors. The complaints of present and past franchisees indicate the aspects of a franchising business deserve to be scrutinized carefully and what you can expect as a prospective franchisee.

Before you sign before signing a legally binding contract with a franchisor, you should hire a franchisee attorney. Many agreements offer franchisors the power to make changes on the required procedures, alter the product line or require franchisees to make expenditures they had not planned for. The lawyer will explain the agreement to you so that you will know what you are agreeing to do. This is essential because you are investing a huge amount of money and making a commitment to what you will be doing for many years to come.

Prior to buying a food and beverage franchise, you may also choose to spend some time such as a few months of years working for it. This will give you a great opportunity obtain knowledge and experience. You should also speak with several franchisees of the franchise you are considering. This will let you find a good franchising business, which will provide a long term, ongoing return on your investment.

4 Must-Have Features of Your Point of Sales System

Most small businesses comprise of several moving parts, which gets difficult for efficient management through manual methods. This is where a Point of Sales system (POS system) comes in as a great tool for managing all the moving parts while assisting to ensure client satisfaction. From inventory management to offering customer management data, it can help businesses in many ways. However, identifying the right POS for your business requirements is not an easy feat. Discussed below are some of the important must-have features of a POS system.


Inventory management

Every business has some level of inventory that has to be managed, but inventory management is not a part of every POS system. Ensure that the system you choose is capable of making the process of inventory management effortless. You should be in a position to monitor all the important store information like individual transactions and purchases. This way, the inventory manager need not waste his time in calculating the degree of re-order.

Checkout integration

An efficient POS system should have the ability to simplify the process of checkout. This implies that it should not require much of manual efforts from the sales team to finish a transaction. Such a feature can enhance the efficiency of your business and also order turnaround in your business when applied for. For instance, many POS software used in food industries have dine-in or delivery features devised for such situations.

Customer data management

An efficient POS can assist in converting the customer profile data into information by eradicating the need for an exclusive CRM software for your business. Practically, it will keep the purchase team informed about the products that the customers purchase more often and so the purchase managers can place orders according to the requirement. The data also helps the customer relationship team develop an effective loyalty program to improve long-term sales.

Data backup

The unique features of a POS system are fantastic, but what’s the use of all these if there’s no data backup feature? So, ensure that the POS you opt to buy has an automated data backup feature so that all the information is stored safely. Backups are necessary and offsite backups are even more crucial. Find out the safety measures that the system comes integrated with to keep data safe.

These features of Point of Sales system can help you narrow down your options and make the right choice for your business needs.

Discover The Best Food Franchise Singapore Locals Have Access To

When it comes to eating well on the Malay Peninsula, you certainly have plenty of options available to you. You can start by checking out a top-rated food franchise Singapore residents have access to. Ordering lunch or dinner at one of these establishments is guaranteed to provide a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re an expat or happen to visiting the are for a very short time while on holiday, restaurants like these will give you a true sense of the flavorful fare that locals regularly dine on. A single dish will boast all of the ingredients for sating the full spectrum of your nutritional needs and it will definitely satisfy your palate. You will find a number of fresh, high-quality ingredients among a bed of aromatic rice or noodles that are springy and cooked to al dente perfection.

One of the top dishes in this region is fish balls. These are small balls of flavorful fish that largely resemble the meatballs that people are familiar with from their favorite pasta dishes. They are tender, flaky and perfectly seasoned. These are usually served atop noodles that have been liberally coated in chili, vinegar and oil. You may even find pan-seared meats and a colorful assortment of vegetables on your plate.

Those who enjoy seafood will find no end of delicious options when scouring the lunch and dinner menu. Fresh scallops can be served with your noodles and rice and these will be graced with a number of crisp, tender vegetables and spices. Prawns and fresh, abalone clams are other additions that you can look forward to. Best of all, you can complement your meal with a spicy, coconut meal soup that will enliven your senses and make you feel truly invigorated.

If you choose to dine at a popular Singapore franchise, you can definitely find a number of exciting ways to save. These companies always have special discounts listed on their web pages or right on their in-store menus. Your server will apply any discount or promotional offer that you mention directly to your bill, so that your final payment total becomes significantly lower.

In addition to offering a range of truly decadent entrees, companies like these also serve all of the best, local beverages. Their goal is to ensure that each guest leaves with a truly positive impression of Singapore cuisine. In fact, you can also find a number of the available items online, by simply browsing the different options that are offered via the e-shop that the parent company maintains.

A Brief Insight Into What ITIL Training Is All About

If you’ve just stepped into the IT field, you’re likely to have heard a lot of discussions about ITIL certification courses from your senior colleagues. If you’re wondering what it is, here’s a brief insight into what ITIL training is all about and what it means to your career in IT.

What is ITIL training?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a globally accepted and recognized IT approach that has been designed to meet the requirements of a business environment. It deals with the main concepts, terminology and elements related to the ITIL lifecycle management.

It helps IT professionals to reduce their IT costs, but at the same time deliver improved services by enhancing the way in which various teams communicate and handle the IT infrastructure within the business. There are several departments involved ranging from development to design.

ITIL certification is the gold standard even after 25 years, delivering actual business advantages by adapting to the requirements of a business. It’s an ideal customer service oriented management system by enhancing customer experience, managing risk and facilitating business change.

What does ITIL training mean for your IT career?

With the continuously growing demand for ITIL certification, many employers are ready to pay a premium pay-scale for certifications and experience in such practice methodologies. Since ITIL practices are devised to help organizations find out which areas need improvement, where to implement specific changes to cut costs and enhance productivity, it makes sense for companies to pay high for certified candidates.

If you possess a certification in ITIL, you become a valuable resource for IT companies. The globally recognized certification can help you land in great job offers from IT companies in the ITIL environment, offering you a competitive edge. Possessing this certificate means you can gain a top-notch IT service management career. Having completed this course successfully, you can understand the common ITIL language used by global IT professionals and this increases your standing in the IT community.

ITIL course offers you a flexible and adaptive framework to manage IT services and motivates you to make use of common sense instead of following a rigid set of regulations. With certification and experience in ITIL, you can achieve vast cost savings for your company by enabling optimum usage of process and technology.

On the whole, ITIL is not any tool, but rather a collection of the best practices associated with IT service management.

What Does it Mean to get a Google Penalty?

Search engines rank web pages based on keywords typed by users and whether the content on the web pages is relevant to the users. So, most businesses use search marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics to get good rankings and attract traffic to their websites by showing up on the first pages of search engine results. While SEO tactics are mostly best practices for good web design, using keywords, making quality content, and using proper internal and back linking, some resort to what is known as ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques. It may include things like keyword stuffing, invisible text, unrelated keywords, gateway pages, page swapping, and hidden links. Using black-hat tactics can skew search results and provide users with irrelevant, poor quality or even harmful sites. In order to provide users with quality information and user experience, Google, the most popular search engine on the internet, penalises sites that use manipulative black-hat techniques.

Types of Google Penalties

A Google penalty can be of two types – a manual penalty or an algorithmic one. A manual penalty means that a Google worker manually checked the site and found that it hasn’t adhered to Google’s guidelines. An algorithmic penalty happens when the site trips a safeguard or filter built into Google’s algorithms. Algorithmic penalties can either be a Panda penalty or a Penguin penalty. Panda penalties are incurred on the basis of content quality, while Penguin penalties are related to manipulative and over-use of backlinks. A penalty can result either in a page or some pages getting blocked by Google search or entire site being blocked.

You’ll notice that your site has been penalised if traffic to your site suddenly decreases and your search ranking has dropped. With a manual penalty, a site is usually notified on Google Webmaster Tools. Google will notify you on your site having low-quality inbound links. On the other hand, with algorithmic penalties, you will have to study things closely – looking at when your site started losing ratings and traffic and matching that with Google’s updates to its Panda and Penguin algorithms. Sometimes, even a slight change in the algorithms can trigger a penalty on sites previously adhering to guidelines.

There is information on Google Webmaster Central Blog on penalties and how to recover from them, and also guidance on how to build and maintain high quality. Additionally, leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore offer services to help with Google penalty recovery.

Why Learn German Language in Singapore?

Looking at the 100 million natives in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, German is the considered as the extensively spoken first language in Europe. Apart from English, German is the language of choice for scientific publications with a little over 18% of science books published by German publishing house in the same language. An internet survey showed that the second language used for online searches is German, after English. German also falls under the category of Indo-German language family and has a common lineage with English making words like Arm, Hand, Haus, Maus and Finger sound similar to English (cognate words). Germany is also an important trading partner with Singapore. There are over 600 German companies in Singapore that add to the country’s economy. There are many German language schools in Singapore that offer beginner to advanced courses .

Eight reasons to learn German in Singapore:

1. Business: German based business ties are improved when the partner can hold a conversation in German.

2. Career growth: If you have plans of shifting bases, knowing German will help you set a base in the German speaking countries. You can build stronger business ties with German counterparts

3. Hospitality and Tourism: German tourists are listed as the one of the big spenders and extensive travelers. You can improve a tourist’s experience by conversing in their native language.

4. Research and Science: Germany is known for its many great contributions to Science. The man who gave the world the Theory of Relativity, Nobel Laurette Albert Einstein is from Ulm, Germany. The country offers attractive fellowship and grants for researchers from abroad and German competency is an added benefit although not mandatory.

5. Cultural understanding: Learning the language opens a window to understanding the German culture and behavior.

6. Communication: An obvious benefit of learning any language is effective communication. Scientific collaborations or inter-country business ventures require multilingual communicators. Germany is ranked 5th in terms of annual scientific publications, learning the language will make this information accessible.

7. Travel: Traveling is a better teacher than books. The language spoken mostly in Eastern Europe is German.

8. Job/study/work opportunities: There are numerous scholarships and other financial aids offered in Germany to foreign students. There are working holiday visas that allow you to work while you travel. There is an additional special visa for skilled professionals and workers. For students there are short term exchange programs introduced by the government to strengthen global ties.

Team building activities that also promote critical thinking

Team building refers to the enhancing, promoting and encouragement of teamwork skills and resources among employees, which is usually done through a number of ways and activities. It mainly dwells on promoting communication, collaboration, group tasks, learning from each other, as well as boosting morale and motivation.

There are a number of activities you can take advantage of in corporate team building , and which end up promoting critical thinking at the same time. Yes, it turns out that you can not build a team in a workplace by placing posters strategically on their way! Below are a number of games you can use to promote critical thinking in team building.

1. Building games: A team leader asks a team to do a task that involves constructing something, from castles to bridges. Make sure to provide the materials such as pipes and marshmallows to do the work and then assesses which team builds the tallest, more realistic structures, or say best looking structure. This fosters group skills and creativity.

2. Save the egg: The team is taken to the task of saving an egg that is to be dropped from a given height. Make sure to leave them to freely design the solution in their own ways. For instance, they could construct a safe landing or build an egg-holding device such that the egg won’t break after landing. It helps build teamwork, creativity, and group skills.

3. Zoom: Workmates are arranged in a circle and given a photo with an animal or certain object on it. You then tell a story while incorporating the animal or object in the photo you are holding, and another person takes it from there. They learn to collaborate, become creative, and learn from each other how to become creative.

4. Minefield: The leader divides the group into smaller teams, and arranges some obstacle courses and blindfolds all the participants. Each of the participants navigates the minefield in turns while blindfolded, but being guided through the obstacles by their teammates. Teammates can be asked to use certain words or clues while taking their peers past obstacles in order that the game becomes more challenging. This is a nice game that can foster communication among members of a team. It also encourages building of trust.

5. Extreme challenge and difficulty: In this case, participants are presented with a problem that puts them in a very tricky position such as being stranded in a desert island or getting lost. They are required to work their way out. Each one is encouraged to contribute in devising the plan.

There are endless ways you can achieve corporate team building while at the same time, encouraging critical thinking in a team. These include engaging them into challenging games that evoke designing of solutions while promoting collaboration, fostering group activities, encouraging creativity in tasks, boosting activities that elate motivation, and encouraging activities that promote communication skills.

Some of the games including minefield, zoom, and save an egg, as well as putting the team in a difficult situation where they have to come with a solution.

Always Concentrate On The Core Competencies

The best feature of Intro International starts when they think their job is never limited to help start a business but to engage closely with the client throughout the journey and in every phase of the business. This helps the client to have a trust and willingness to maintain long lasting relationships as the relation is more than a supplier and just like a business partner. With the expertise industrial experience Intro can just one more value to the business of the client with the ground presence. The services provided by Singapore Business Incorporation are never confined but can always be tailored to the assistance required in which ever areas that are needed to be explored.

Services and how they work? –

There are distribution channels for all the services and products a client wants to establish in Singapore. The ground presence of the Intro International helps to provide the best services possible in all aspects with the widest networks in every industry. With understanding the business of the partner all the requisite negotiations or introductions made accordingly. With the improved strategies to safe entry on to the market Intro takes acquisitions and alliances and other similar joint ventures to grab a grip on the new entry and gain shares. Also services based on transactions are provided with complete advisory.

With the due diligence from the skilful accountants of Intro, the client can get a proper analysis on any transactions which include unforeseen costs, compliance issues, risk accessing, cash flows. As the experience to deal with wide range of sectors Intro helps industries from various sectors get a B2B introduction. Because, Intro believes and understands the difficulties possibly a company can face during the starting phase, establishing or even incorporation in the territory that is absolutely foreign.

The capital rising and development of required funds for the growth of the company are facilitated with the Project financing and the capital rising team of the Intro International. This assistance is available in both the debt finance that is structured and the equity related one. If the clients require any form of flow in regards to the deal from the Asian markets Intro can find the right criteria of the investment and range of the deal size that seems to be extremely attractive on the bigger portfolio.

Intro International can always assist on the paper work regarding the framework that needs to be fulfilling the legal requirements or the compliance issues with respect to the industry of the client with the licensing and regulatory board with the government body. An advisory is always available to help the client identify the incentives that can practically as well as strategically enhance the profitability of the company. So, it is a happiest choice to establish Singapore business incorporation now with Intro International.

4 reasons why you should hire a professional accounting firm

Outsourcing of accounting operations is popular today due to the benefits it brings to small businesses, including lowering operational and labor costs, freeing time for small business owners to commit to other core tasks, and the freedom and flexibility it brings. In this case, an outside expert handles all the tasks as assigned by you.

There are many reasons you should consider hiring an expert on outsourcing terms. The good thing today is that there are many organized and legal firms with all the resources that help them offer those services to their clients. Here are top four reasons you should endeavor to hire Singapore accounting services on outsourcing basis

1. Take advantage of both worlds: While outsourcing is an opportunity for your business to commit an outsider expert to work on accounting tasks, many small businesses take the advantage of working closely with the expert to find relevant information about where they can invest their finances and get more profits.

Simply put, these experts, especially the ones with a long term experience in the business, can offer extra benefits such as advise and investment related directions in addition to working on your tasks.

2. Match your needs at the right time: In many cases, owners of small businesses fail to commit a full time employer because they do not have accounting needs throughout the year – since their operations and subsequent workload, are small.

Outsourcing present an opportunity where you can hire as many experts at peak time and free from all costs at off peak season.

3. Timely completion of accounting tasks: Accounting tasks are very involving if you are not an expert. Small business owners can, instead of tying all the time to work on their financial records and accounting tasks, hire an expert who will not struggle to complete the task within the required duration.

This means you do not, as the business owner, postpone or delay completion of other tasks because some budgeting or accounting tasks are not yet completed.

4. Stop committing large amount of resources on infrastructure and technology: Investing in infrastructure in accounting would mean, for instance, training accounting experts from your office. With regard to technology, sometimes, you might need to purchase equipment and software.

This can turn out to be a financial burden just in case there is not much work to be done – in many cases you might find that the resources are not doing any work yet they eat up space. Outsourcing presents the right opportunity to hire an expert without committing large amounts of money to the infrastructure and technology, especially considering that these are very expensive.

Outsourcing of Singapore accounting services does not necessarily mean hiring a non-qualified person to work on the task in question. You will have the flexibility to oversee the project, but more importantly, you get the opportunity to learn from the outside world about changes in your own industry. You also get work completed in time, and do not commit large amount of money on expensive resources.

Finding The Best PMP Training Resources

Obtaining professional certification can be a key concern for those seeking a greater measure of job security. Failing to meet the requirements needed to qualify for a new position can limit your professional options. PMP training classes and education programs that will better prepare you for examinations are often a key resource when it comes to ensuring greater job security or qualifying for a wider range of career opportunities.

Failing to expand your skill set could lead to any number of potential issues, problems and complications. Possessing the right certifications can allow job seekers to enjoy greater success in their search for a new position and allow established professionals to more easily pursue any opportunities for advancement that may be found with their current employer. The resources that will better prepare you for the examination and testing process would be worth looking into.

Not every class or program may provide you with the level of results you are seeking. Wasting your time with a lesser option or spending too much for the education and preparation you need can cause a number of issues. Seeking out programs that will be better suited to your needs and enrolling in a class that has more to offer can provide you with some much needed peace of mind.

Knowing very little about your available options can greatly complicate your efforts to find the right class or program. Conducting a little research and taking some time to compare your options will ensure that you are able to make more insightful and effective decisions. Knowing enough to make the right decisions is never an issue that should be left to chance when it comes to the education needed to advance your professional career.

Online research is often very helpful for learning more about different career training programs. Learning about the courses that will better prepare you for your exams online can oft often be done with minimal time and effort. Looking into your options in greater detail can ensure that you are able to learn all that you need in order to make smarter decisions.

Acquiring the certifications that will allow you to enjoy greater job security and a higher degree of professional success can be quite an undertaking. Educational programs that may allow you to better prepare yourself for the testing process can play an important role in your efforts. Professional who elect to train with the best can enjoy a number of advantages when it comes to learning new skills and passing their certification exams.

Table Manners to Impress in the Business Lunch

Going out to a business lunch with a group of colleagues or with just a few business partners after conclusion of a profitable business deal? If you are not aware about table manners that an individual is supposed to display at such times then it is time to brush up some basics so you do not end up feeling embarrassed. Table manners usually differ between countries so if your business meeting is with foreign delegates then find out about their customs and make a confident beginning to a long term business relationship. Display of impeccable table manners along with polite and confident behavior will earn the respect of colleagues and business partners.

In a cosmopolitan city like Singapore that has businessmen from across the globe and restaurants serving local and international cuisine you have to follow a few guidelines to appear as a confident individual with table manners at a business lunch in Singapore .

Topics of discussion

Avoid carrying the business discussions forward to mealtimes unless the other party makes constant references to it during the lunch.

Try to avoid controversial topics that could hurt the sentiments of other people in the group.

Keep conversations flowing around generic topics like sports, families, business environment and current issues etc, until the food is served as then everyone would have to be quite.

Expected behavior during lunch

Eat at a moderate speed and do not hover over the plate between mouthfuls as the guests will think that food is likely to fall off your mouth.

Keep elbows off the table and away from you unsuspecting neighbor’s stomach.

If the lunch is being served at a five star restaurant it is most likely to cutlery that you may rarely use at home. Do not hold them as if you are going on a war but like fingers that will bring the food to your mouth without dripping anything on the table or your outfit.

Though most business lunches in Singapore among locals are noisy affairs try to avoid eating with food in your mouth.

Keep the napkin neatly folded on the lap to occasionally wipe your lips if required between bites.

Post meal etiquette

If you are the person hosting the party then the bill has to be paid by you so ensure that the concierge brings the bill to you instead of putting it on the table for everyone to see the details.

If you are asked to give opinion on wine selection which is a puzzling topic for you, then ask the waiter for recommendations.

Does ISO 9001 Have an Impact on Financial Performance?

Since its inception in 1987, over a million organizations have obtained ISO 9001 certification. Though, the certification benefited them financially, it’s a known fact that those who obtain the certificate to ensure a robust internal quality management achieve more than those who use it in response to customer pressure or short term benefits. Financial and economic benefits come automatically once the organization implements ISO 9001 quality management principles, such as customer focus, involvement of employees, process approach, and constant improvement.

Importance of the certification

Studies show that organizations with ISO 9001 certificate made inroads into new markets and increased their sales, which eventually enhanced their financial performance.

A certified organization ensures better process management, productivity, and efficiency, which results in customer satisfaction, and certain external benefits automatically follow. However, once a company establishes its credibility in the market, the certificate itself may produce financial benefits, as it indicates that the company is complying with international quality guidelines. Though, the certification has helped companies to increase their sales, it’s largely unknown whether it’s a result of enhanced customer satisfaction or the signaling effect of certification.

Reports suggest that companies that implemented Quality Management System to achieve long term quality improvement have enjoyed more benefits as they are not driven by market demands and are internally motivated to perform better. They implement the underlying principles of quality management on a regular basis and succeed in quality improvement, which yields long term benefits.

External benefits that come with quality improvement include, quality products supplied to customers, an enhanced market share, better services, ability to compete in international market and conformance with their norms, recognition and presence in the market, and new market penetration.

Internal factors

Internal factors that generate financial benefits are increased productivity, effective use of resources and decreased percentage of products failing to meet the criteria, quality-oriented operation, reduction in complaints and redressal management, and employee motivation.

Some of the other benefits, which are not classified as either external or internal, are better documentation, customer perception of higher quality, competitive edge, better organizational communication, increased production effectiveness, and clarity of work. Though, accounts vary as to whether company size is correlated with level of benefits, the companies with ISO 9001 certification had better returns on investments than those who did not have one. Overall organizational improvement and cost-effective processes, such as reduction in cancellation of products owing to poor quality and surplus production eventually translate into financial benefits.

The Benefits Provided By The Microsoft Partner Program

Having access to the right technical platforms and resources is currently vital for building a strong and stable business. Fortunately, it is possible for companies to get many of the things they need by joining the Microsoft partner program. Following are some of the core benefits that participants are guaranteed to have access to along with the advantages that these benefits will supply your growing organization.

Those who participate in this program will have access to a number of cost-effective and highly affordable cloud-based solutions. Technical resources that exist wholly in virtual space are currently very popular. Companies know that these solutions offer an optimal level of security. They also make it much easier to collect, share and access data among other things.

In addition to a variety of cloud-based solutions, partners will also receive an incredible level of cloud support. Should things ever go awry with the systems and solutions they choose, they can get timely assistance in resolving these problems. More importantly, it is additionally possible to get assistance in streamlining and customizing the available platforms so that these are ideally suited to the needs of individual businesses.

One of the most impressive advantages gained by these efforts is the ability to integrate the available knowledge-base in order to gain a far more comprehensive understanding of how the business is performing overall. For many companies, this can lead to lower overhead costs and significantly increased profits. This is because these organizations are able to identify areas of redundancy across their operations that are cost more money without supply any added value.

These entities also have the ability to tighten their supply chains for faster, more efficient operations and higher levels of customer satisfaction. These are widespread improvements that can only be gained by having an all-inclusive view of how an organization is functioning at every level. As partners, businesses can discover key strategies for making better use of the tools and resources that they have already invested in while gaining access to a wealth of innovative and cloud-based solutions that greatly enhance their capabilities.

Opting to participate in this system is one of the best things that a company can do it further its growth, identify and prevent potential problems and implement timely solutions to existing issues. In this way, the costs of participation are guaranteed to fully cover themselves. This is particularly true when considering the massive gains that can be made in short and long-term profits and the savings that can be earned by creating tighter and more efficient supply chains.

Join The SAP partner Community Today

Enterprise software continues to soar in global popularity. From new to existing commercial ventures, there are several tools available to help foster optimal growth and expansion. As an industry leader in burgeoning business technologies, Hitachi is a proud SAP partner that networks with countless companies within the commercial ecosystem.

Based in Germany, this multi-national corporation is synonymous with leading software applications that help drive business operations. These platforms are also designed to expedite client fulfillment, while securing maximum customer relations across the board. With regional offices in over 130 countries, partners have access to a wealth of marketing and application tools.

Hitachi now opens the doors to these lucrative opportunities for all its clients and customers. This is done via connecting existing and potential partners to a suite of strategic campaigns. The latter, of course, revolves around building, marketing, and selling SAP products to meet customer needs and goals.

This includes interactive applications that procure timely results for customers. Whether its infrastructure or client communication issues, these platforms can successfully resolve a myriad of obstacles and hurdles that are hindering performance. At the same time, they help spearhead internal and external changes to remain competitively viable in any industry, sector, or niche.

With strategic allied partnerships, clients get the benefits of two worlds. This includes tapping into the current and burgeoning business trends, while harnessing prove techniques that help establish brand validity and awareness. Businesses are also able to secure higher global visibility, while ensuring their protocols and platforms meet or exceed all criteria.

As a partner, you are able to build a lucrative and profitable business. Clients also tap into a wealth of new opportunities, including cloud based initiatives and mobile marketing. The integration of social and mobile media marketing is essential in marketing these products and solutions to geo specific or mass audiences. In addition, social integration truly establishes a marketing network that can grow to new heights in your respective industry.

As a global leader in new technologies and ICT solutions, Hitachi is always on the pulse of the market. The company also stays abreast of all the latest industry changes and developments. Its this passion that has helped propel the brand to new heights in this challenging and competitive marketplace. To learn how you can benefit from SAP business global partnerships, contact the firm today and start building your future now. As always in the business world, time is purely of the essence so start today and build for tomorrow.

How Enterprise Resource Planning Can Help You Take Your Company To The Next Level

ERP is currently one of the hottest topics throughout all of the commercial arena. This is because SAP implementation can provide a vast range of benefits at a very nominal investment of money and time. This is an impressive technical solution that has been seamlessly integrated and customized for meeting the needs of the individual business. Following are several ways that this remarkable tool can help you take your company to the next level and beyond.

One very easy way to understand exactly how this type of tool works is by considering it to be the brains of your organization. Rather than spreading data collection and analytics across a number of different resources that have wholly unique designs and function, your company will be using a single, standardized tool that collect and assess info on a company wide basis. This allows for an all-inclusive view of the organization and a far better ability to recognize important relationships, pending problems and possible solutions among other things.

The benefits that these resources supply both collectively and cumulatively are far-ranging. For instance, many companies find that it is far easier to remain in compliance with the standards of their industry when using this type of technology. Moreover, they are able to avoid a number of costly fines and penalties because of their enhanced views and can also better protect their overall reputations.

This view additionally allows company owners to identify key areas of waste that might otherwise go unnoticed. For instance they might have costly, rented equipment or salaried employees that are providing redundant benefits at no additional value. Identifying redundancies allows for a far better allocations of in-house resources and trained talent.

Companies can also streamline and improve their existing supply chains. This can lead to lower overhead costs, greater customer retention and improved client satisfaction overall. Analyzing the supply chain and its overall efficacy is extremely important when a number of the company’s operations have been outsourced.

Beyond these benefits, the increased data that ERP supplies and the greater level of data accessibility that you’ll invariably enjoy will also allow you to make timely and wholly informed decisions concerning important investments for growth and for improving or protecting other areas of your business. With a standardized brain in charge of your commercial operations and one that accounts for the nuances and needs of your organization, you can look forward to far more impressive results all around.

Learn Arabic the Easier Way

Learn Arabic the Easier Way

Arabic, a Semitic and an Afro-Asiatic language, consists of several colorful dialects. Since it is the language officially spoken in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, companies based in Singapore make sure that they have employees who know this language so they can do business with customers in these countries. So, by learning this language, you enhance your job prospects. But for learning Arabic the easier way, you can use the following tips.

1. You must understand first that the language is of several types like Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic and Classical Arabic. Decide which one you wish to learn. While Modern Standard Arabic is used for writing, in formal contexts and in literature, media writing, etc., Classical Arabic helps mainly in Islamic studies. Colloquial Arabic differs from one country to another and so, the dialect you must learn depends upon the specific country with which you may be doing business.

2. Begin the process with learning Arabic alphabets. Ignore transliterations and it is better to start with the script. Very importantly, learn using the Arabic dictionary. Listing of words in the Arabic dictionaries is done using the three-letter roots of the words. You need to practice consistently.

3. For studying the language, you can study at home using self-tuition courses. For self-learning, try to buy the books that suit you.

You can try online tuition also. There are a few good courses and so, you have to do your research and choose the one that fulfills your needs.

You can learn Arabic in singapore by enrolling yourself in a course offered by a good institution. You have part-time classes offered during evenings and hence, you can focus on your other activities during the day and learn the language also.

4. Additionally, practice learning by speaking to native speakers by joining pen-pal websites. Listening to Arab music, watching soaps, news broadcasts and shows and chatting frequently with those who speak the language will help you learn the language faster.

Once you learn Arabic language and are certain that you can handle the language confidently, you can apply for suitable jobs. If the employer is satisfied with your competence, you will certainly land in the job you have been aiming at. You can help the company in their efforts to expand their business to regions where Arabic is spoken. In other words, learning the language will help you in your career growth.

What is Intellectual Property?

Basically, the term ‘intellectual property’ refers to the creations of the mind, like inventions, literary and artistic works. An intellectual property can be protected in law through patents, copyright and trademarks. People can earn recognition and reap other rewards for their creation this way.


Intellectual properties can be divided into two: Industrial properties and copyrights.

Patents for inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications come under industrial properties. Literary works such as novels, poems, plays, films, music and artistic works are protected by copyright. Normally artists, musicians and architects seek copyright protection.

It would be very difficult for film production companies, software firms and publishing houses to survive without copyright. Researchers and inventors would not have any inspiration to continue working in their respective fields without the backing of the patent system.


The term ‘patent’ refers to the exclusive right granted for an invention, product or a process. Patent allows a person to have their invention or creation protected for a limited period. A patent recognizes a person as the inventor or creator of a product. On the strength of a patent, a creator or an inventor can pursue legal action against another individual who claims the product to be their own creation. The procedure for granting patent varies in different countries. Normally, the patent application includes one or more claims that define the creation or invention.

Patents are normally granted by national patent offices or by regional offices.


A unique sign that identifies goods and services produced or provided by an individual or a business for sale in Singapore. A trademark makes it possible for the consumers to find out whether a product was produced by a genuine company or not. Trademarks also help to hamper the illegitimate activities of counterfeiters.

A trademark can be a word or a combination of words. It may also contain symbols and signs. Any person who can certify that their product meets established standards has the right to earn a trademark.

You can apply for trademark by filing an application for trademark registration with the national or regional trademark office. The application must contain the sign filed for registration. The trademark rights granted to one person may not always be the same as or similar to that granted to another person. They are ascertained by search and examination by national offices or the opposition by third parties who claim to have similar rights.

How to Value an Upcoming Company

These days the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking with a range of startups offering everything from taxi services to laundry and food. Every startup or young company requires a thorough company valuation in order to get investing coming in. Once a company’s value can be determined investors can be approached for seeding purposes. The investor will however wish to know what his returns will be, when his returns will be and how much of a profit he can make in how much time.

Here is where things get tricky as evaluating young companies can be an incredibly tricky and subjective game. It all boils down to business owners knowing how to deal the cards they have been dealt, especially at a time when investment sources are becoming scarce. If a business owner ends up quoting a figure too low they might end up losing a lot more equity and share of the company than they might be willing to part with. Mark the company’s valuation too high could lead to the investor scoffing at your understanding of basic underlying economic concepts.

Key Steps to be Taken

Three main techniques one needs to keep in mind when valuing a company are:

1. Asset valuation

Considering all valuation methods, the asset approach is the most concrete method of putting a value on a company. Here dollar values are placed on assets in a company’s balance sheet and added up. Beginning with the physical assets such as personal computers, office furniture, machinery and inventory, companies will usually not possess much in the form of physical assets. However keeping this number in mind is handy down the line.

Intellectual property plays another key role. Valuation needs to be made for trademarks, in corporations papers and patents. This approach could be squishy, however the dollar values are accurate and real. A rule of thumb that investors tend to use is every patent filed justifies $1 million rise in company valuation.

Next are employees and principals. Most companies see their value in their people. During the dot-com surge of the 1990s, it wasn’t uncommon to view valuations increase by $1 million for each programmer, designer or engineer. Do consider the value of sweat equity – such as the salaries which would get paid to executives and founders who didn’t take them in the first place.

2. Market approach

One other way of viewing valuation is through estimation of a company’s earning potential based upon theoretical market demand. Begin by estimating the size and growth of the addressable market. The larger the market, the more your company will be worth. For a young company looking to entice investors, the ideal target market needs to be $500 million in sales potentially; upon your business requiring a lot of property and equipment, the addressable market needs to be around $1 billion.

Next take into consideration the competition and the barriers for entry. The stronger the competition the lower the valuation becomes. On the other hand, the stronger your company is towards new challengers, the more it is worth. Goodwill also helps increase a valuation by a couple of million dollars.

Facts About ERP Not Known

German based SAP developed SAP ERP which has different modules to support various types of businesses involved in marketing, sales, HR, finance and accounting and the list is endless. SAP is software which can integrate various types of data across globe for an organization. It is a common platform for which can give a real-time information and reporting without any redundant errors. While, the software is extremely effective for reporting purposes and has a lot of associated advantages, there are some facts which can help you save some cost during ERP implementation or during its up gradation.

Cost saving & other facts:

Expense -ERP is expensive software compared to many other ERP products. Vendors can offer you products like SaaS or Compiere which are less expensive. SaaS offers robust ERP products which can fit into your pocket easily. You can therefore bargain while you purchase ERP from your vendor. ERP system Singapore is another

Implementation in mid-market businesses – SaaS ERP can be used by any company now. Any organization having its presence in 50 countries to a larger organization spreading across 100 countries can roll out SaaS ERP. SaaS ERP therefore gives a direct competition to SAP ERP which also offers similar solution to all large scale or small scale businesses but at high costs and long implementation time.

Research ERP products – There is always a scope of betterment so carrying out your research before purchase of SAP ERP is important. Competitors work arduously and offer you newer products or launch these in near future. Waiting can therefore pay sometimes if the launch and introduction of such product is just around the corner which provides similar services as SAP ERP.

Maintenance Cost – SAP ERP maintenance cost has been constant over years and SAP did not plan to slash this cost. The cost that that SAP paid through this strategy was a dip of 9% revenue in 2009. In 2010, SAP ERP changed its directive and revised the annual fee back to 18%. SAP also froze its enterprise support contract price. Both these strategies resulted in 5% increase of revenue for the organization with net profit getting doubled.

Failures – Yes, while you would expect that SAP ERP would give the correct output, fact is that ERP projects can fail. SAP ERP projects namely Waste Management and Select Comfort have ran into troubles resulting in lawsuits and tremendous financial impacts.

Weighing in some of these facts can assist you during ERP implementation globally or ERP system Singapore.