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Cobra LTDx ONE Irons

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  • Designed at 7-iron length for enhanced consistency and accuracy from club to club
  • Traditionally, players have a different setup, ball position, and swing for every club in their bag which causes inconsistencies. ONE Length reduces as many variables as possible to promote one consistent setup, ball position, and swing through the set. The result is more accuracy, more consistency, and improved confidence
  • PWR-COR weighting system features a steel core bar that is suspended within a polymer injected casing to promote maximum flex of the body, face, and sole at impact. This results in an elastic rebound effect that delivers powerful ball speed
  • PWRSHELL® Face Cup is designed to increase flex across the face and the sole for faster ball speed and higher launch
  • 8g toe weighting enhances stability and can be adjusted down to 2g or up to 14g to dial in swing weighting for custom builds
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • Style : R6701LSR5G, R6701RGA5G, R6701RGR5G, R6701RSR5G
  • Brand : Cobra
  • SKU: 23017513


ClubLoftLie AngleOffsetLengthGraphite Swing Weight (S, R, A)Steel Swing Weight (S, R)"D1, C9, C8D0
21.564.55.137.25"D1, C9, C8D0"D1, C9, C8D0
26.563.53.237.25"D1, C9, C8D0"D1, C9, C8D0"D1, C9, C8D0
41.562.01.537.25"D1, C9, C8D0
47.561.51.037.25"D1, C9, C8D0"D1, C9, C8D0

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