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Titleist TSi3 Premium Driver

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  • Adjustable CG Track Design for advanced speed-tuned performance
  • ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium in face creates a long, straight, stylish and incredible sounding driver
  • Face delivers higher ball speed at every point of contact
  • Improved aerodynamics for increased speed
  • Multi-dimensional stability for added speed, and a tighter speed range up and down the face
  • Adjustability features for fine-tuned performance


  • Graphite Design Tour AD DI
    • Toray NANOALLOY material technology stabilizes the tip
    • Premium Toray carbon fibers support the low-torque, medium bend profile
    • Launch/Spin: Low-Mid/Low-Mid
  • Graphite Design Tour AD IZ
    • Designed to promote rhythm and tempo
    • Premium Toray 1100G fiber in the tip for excellent stability
    • A Tour-grade mix of performance and feel
  • Graphite Design Tour AD XC
  • Powerful shaft
  • Toray M40X high modulus, high strength fiber helps shaft remain strong and stable through impact
  • Designed to suit a fast, modern head like TSi
  • Launch/Spin: Low-Mid/Low
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • Style : 648PRG16S8, 648PRG26S9, 648PRG36S9
  • Brand :Titleist
Introducing the Titleist TSi3 Premium Driver

TSi3 Driver
The Titleist TSi3 Driver is for players capable of creating more consistent contact or requiring more precise control over CG placement, featuring a new SureFit CG Track Design for advanced speed-tuned performance.
Faster in the air and at impact, the Titleist TSi drivers use advanced engineering and materials, including construction never before used in golf: An ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face. Player-tuned aerodynamics propel the clubhead faster toward the ball, followed by the ATI 425 face powerfully launching the ball. High inertia properties produce an extremely stable clubhead, leading to more consistency in speed and spin for a longer and straighter drive.

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